How many catchers is enough?

Five catchers… .the Mets are trying to land their FIFTH catcher this spring in pursuing Toronto’s Rod Barajas. Now I’m sure there are many reasons why Omar Minaya wants a 35 year old catching vet, but as a fan you have to wonder… why do some guys get chance after chance after chance to keep playing (*cough, Dan Murphy, cough*), but some others just don’t get the same consideration. I’m not going to name anymore names, but come on already, why can’t we let some of these guys play their way out of jobs via competition? And if the brass doesn’t have the faith that any of the four catchers can play well enough to be the everyday starting catcher, then WHY are the on the roster???

Omir... lookin' good.

Omir... lookin' good.

But then again, who am I to judge… I mean, I’m just a lifelong fan, season ticket holder, insufferable devotee to the delicious misery that is Mets fandom.


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