The Dude Abides in Game 2

It was a sight to see, the young man with the name that brings an avalanche of Big Lebowski puns, slams two home runs to power the Mets over the Braves for a second straight game. Lucas Duda benifited from the wall changes in Citi Field, impressing fans and players alike. Ike Davis marveled at how shots that were double last year could now go out.

Way back when, I remember thinking Duda and Chris Carter would make a sold power hitting duo in the outfield with a speedy Angel Pagan in Center. However with those two guys gone, Duda will likely battle Ike for HR supremacy on the Mets.

Also starting in this Saturday afternoon matinee, David Wright hit a homer and played excellently in the field, it’s what we expect from Wright every day, glad to see him fulfilling that.

Also, the rookie Kirk Nieuwenhuis made a splash with a few hits replacing Andres Torres in CF. Let’s hope the youngster can keep it up, I would prefer a homegrown nobody, to an incoming Free Agent nobody playing on my team.


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