This was a moment in last night’s great Mets 5-2 win over the Phillies, that I won’t forget for a long time. Not since Ike Davis’ first hit up the middle to a standing ovation a few years ago at Citi Field, has a player’s first hit seemed so memorable.

What could it be? Just your average pinch hit 3 run homer on the road to beat the hated Phillies. Then, as if that wasn’t enough to endear him to a million eager-filled Met fans, he tells Kevin Burkhardt in the post-game he dedicates it all to his Mom.

Well done and congratulations Jordany.

An amazing moment for the young man who at age 24 seems to have paid his dues in the minors and is ready for prime time. Ruben Tejada’s injury has opened the door to some playing time for Valdy. (Yes, his name also lends to a good nickname!)

My dream scenario has Ruben getting better and returning to SS, a position he has started to own this young season; and Jordany playing his way into 2nd base. Extend David Wright and we have our infield for the next decade.

You might be wondering what about this Daniel Murphy fella. You know, the guy who pollutes Flushing with his fake fielding skills, and that golden bat he hits those glorious singles with, that everyone loves. I have one word for him….. TRAID!!!!


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