The Non-Captain..

David Wright is on fire, literally someone should walk behind him with a bucket of water just in case.

The long time “face of the franchise”, whom Fred Wilpon called “not a superstar”, the de-facto Captain of the New York Mets is the BEST player in baseball right now. Even Josh Hamilton should agree. David has had his moments in his years with the Mets, but his start is unprecedented in his career.

David is batting .411. The last player to belay over .400 this late into the season was Chipper Jones in 2008, and he ended up batting .364 that year. He has become the spark, the clutch hitter we have been waiting for, its been just a joy to watch. More stats? David leads the league in IBB, he became the Mets all-time RBI leader last month, and his OPS is presently at 1.134 (!!!).

Don’t know what these mean? No worries, just know it makes David awesome! What loomed in March like an unbearably bad season on the horizon, has turned into a shockingly fun 21-17 team of mostly homegrown kids. This could be the most fun season in ages.

David’s amazing start, along with the surprisingly good play from almost everyone else at this year, have given the scrappy Mets a legit superstar again, and have made them a “good” team… And it feels Amazin’!


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