Hope Springs…. Maybe

Not my thing…

Those three words summarize my feelings about spring training.

Now there have been years, when I have legitimately been excited, March of 2007 comes to mind.

I sat at Shea about five months earlier, watched Jose Reyes lead off game 6 of the NLCS with a shot out of the park. An amazing game, I walked down the stopped escalators afterwards under the Doc Gooden and Gary Carter banners cheering, chanting, with the Mets faithful, just elated…. ELATED!

I was thrilled at being 9 innings away from a third Mets World Series appearance in my lifetime. However after Carlos Beltran’s unfortunate AB ending the Metsies’ 2006 odyssey, I was not entirely destroyed as I anticipated, because I had hope.

Now I have had this conversation many times, but i firmly believe hope is our most powerful emotion. Nothing gives one as much excitement, motivation and the unbounded dreams of an idyllic future, as hope. Not desire, not fear, not even love can compete with the tentacles of hope, tickling your sports imagination.

Compare the Spring 2007 roster to the one the Mets are forcing upon you in the Spring 2013, and you will see why this fan of over 30 years is not filled with much of this magical yet fragile emotion.

So while I wish the best to my current favorites like David Wright of course, the glorious Ike Davis, and the exuberantly youthful Jordany Valdespin; call me when the wins & losses actually matter.  Until then, my hope thermometer remains low, like the local temperature in Flushing.



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