Swept Away in Hollywood

So after a solid series in the desert, the boys went to L.A. and just flatlined.

Jenrry Mejia kicked off the series with a solid outing, he even struck out phenom Yasiel Puig twice on 7 pitches. But a short-lived 2 run lead walked-off into the Hollywood Hills.

Then Matt Harvey, who despite getting hit as hard as anyone has against him all year, still gave up just 4 ER. The Mets fought a little, but being down 2 runs, was something the Mets lineup could not overcome.

In the finale, Dillon Gee was spotted a 4 run lead thanks to a 3-run homer by Eric “Forever” Young. But despite another solid outing by a Mets starting pitcher, the Dodgers dream season magic resulted with a tying homer in the bottom of the 9th, leading to the eventual extra-inning walk-off for the Trolley-Dodgers.

Now I am not worried about Harvey… nor am I worried about Mejia and Gee. These guys pitched their hearts out, and we could have swept the Dodgers as easily as we were swept.

Bottom line, the bullpen needs more than Pedro Feliciano, the 1-8 needs more than Juan Lagares when David Wright is out… Ike Davis needs to keep improving, but the rest of the scrubs are not built for this kind of baseball.

Omar Minaya left Harvey, Gee, Jon Niese, Mejia, Bobby Parnell, Lagares, Wilmer Flores, Germen, Davis….. Sandy Alderson needs to give us something other than Zack Wheeler.

Otherwise the AAAA Mets will continue to tease you in spots, and ultimately dissapoint you in every other.

Five straight losing seasons, now seems more realistic than ever.


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