Mets Fans Are Now Unpaid Employees

Well it has been a while. I have not felt the need to write much about this organization. Because despite my affection for the Mets, they have played like trash, treated the fans like trash and operated like trash.

They have operated like a small market team, or even like a minor league outfit at times. The refusal to spend money, the refusal to upgrade the personnel – except in limited circumstances, essentially the refusal to compete has shriveled the crowds at Citi Field correlating to that of the 8th most popular team in this city.

Every year however, there are glimmers of hope. Every winter there are occasional glimpses of opportunities that the management appears to willfully ignore. Free agents searching for employment, who may be fits for this team are shunned because of the same old tired rationale. Mediocre talents that would never start for any other team, are extended and glorified by this team’s publicity drones. Management’s only perceived solution appears to be the occasional reconfiguration of the stadium’s outfield walls.

Mets can not spend, the organization can not afford, management does not see the value, and so on and so forth; these are the narratives. After almost half a decade, much of the fanbase that is left has begun to buy into it.

That is the saddest thing of all.

Sandy Alderson and his minions have finally accomplished what I believe they were hired to do from day one. He has successfully beaten down and shamefully lowered all of our expectations. He has made us believe that the Mets can not afford players, that they have “prospects” that are going to win multiple Cy Young awards and MVP trophies – someday. That we do not deserve to compete today, that we will get there eventually. It is maddening and infuriating, it is not anything any other New York sports franchise would do to its fans.

Bloggers and social media are now espousing management’s mantra – FOR THEM.

I read and watched several blogs today, where fans themselves (!) are telling me Player X is too expensive, Player Y is “not worth” the money he will receive. – ignoring the upgrade in talent they would bring to this squad.

These fans, willingly or unknowingly, have actually become part of management’s PR campaign of endless excuses.

The Mets GM now has all these fans who so dearly love this team, spreading his gospel of “we cannot afford” or “he’s not worth”, to everyone throughout what is left of this crumbling fanbase. We are now the ones imploring patience – after six losing seasons. The patience slope is a slippery one, do we need ten or twenty losing seasons before we refuse this patience?

Congratulations Alderson, you have Mets fans now advocating for your owner’s wallet, and have effectively destroyed this fanbase.


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