Yes, I know another Mets blog – but here’s where this one comes from….  A lifelong Mets fan, my first game at Shea was at age 5, and I’ve been returning to Queens ever since.

My childhood idols – all the Mets I pretended to be on the playground – in chronological order: John Stearns, Craig Swan, Dave Kingman, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Keith Hernandez and David Cone.  1986 was and continues to be the greatest year of my life – perhaps that’ll change if I have kids someday, but I doubt it.

As a grown man now, I still love the Mets, still love the #7 train, still love fireworks night, still love the Home Run Apple, but no matter how great Citi Field is and will become… I’ll always still be Missin’ Shea.